Awarded to an individual or group that has completed an innovative and unique project and or body of research in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics or manufacturing (or a combination of the above) in the last 12 months.

This award recognises the value of STEMM projects undertaken in a range of sectors such as the public sector, not for profit, in the workplace, in universities or in the community, that add to the knowledge and vibrancy of the Hutt Valley.

The award is for individuals or groups in any of these sectors who through the development and achievement of this project are making a significant contribution to the success of the Hutt Valley in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or manufacturing.

How entries will be judged

CriteriaPerformance indicator examplesMaximum points
Innovation and newness in project achievements
  • Evidence that the project answered objectives
  • Evidence of contribution to science, technology, engineering, manufacturing or mathematics
  • Evidence the project was conducted in a clear and logical way and is well presented
  • Extent to which the project was innovative and new, rather than undertaking a project that has been completed before
Determination and commitment
  • Evidence that the project was carried out with a strong commitment to discovery in science or technology
  • Evidence of commitment and determination in undertaking the project and getting results
Learning outcomes
  • Evidence of positive learnings
Future potential
  • Evidence that the project might lead to practice application
  • Evidence that the participant's learnings will lead to greater things in the future
Inspiration to others
  • Evidence that the project or its processes inspire others to follow suit
  • Evidence that the project would provide inspiring case examples through communications


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