Awarded to an outstanding individual emerging in their field or early in their career in their field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics or manufacturing and showing leadership in their field of expertise.

This award recognises individuals working in the Hutt Valley, that are demonstrating early potential and success in any of the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics or manufacturing. Individuals will have worked for up to five years since completing tertiary study and/or commencing employment in the above mentioned fields. They will have shown promise and provided value to their employers business and contributed to the economy and environment of the Hutt Valley.

How entries will be judged

CriteriaPerformance indicator examplesMaximum points
Contribution to the success of the organisation, directly or indirectly, as related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics or manufacturing.
  • Works hard to fulfil the purpose and mission of the organisation
  • Exceeds the job description
  • Impact on innovation practices
  • Leadership in their field of expertise
  • Listening and learning qualities
  • Team player
  • Inspires confidence and respect from colleagues
  • Attributes and skills that can evolve for increasing value in the future
  • Evidence of healthy ambition
Good workplace practices
  • Evidence of diligence, timeliness and accuracy
  • Evidence of positive endorsement from the employer
  • Respect for fellow employees
Community connectivity
  • Evidence of participation in the Hutt Valley science, technology, engineering,   mathematics or manufacturing community
  • Levels of contact with other organisations to further the organisation's success


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